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How We Do It
Is it true that people with disabilities have more heightened senses than people without? It is certainly true that we all develop coping mechanisms when dealing with real life situations. Likewise, individuals with autism expand other skillsets in the face of various communication and social challenges. It is these skills we focus on.
Computer Training High-Five
Every individual with autism is just that, an individual. Each with a different personality and characteristics just like everyone else. During our training and mentoring sessions, we help team members bring out their individual talents and the unique skills they previously used to cope with life and teach them how to use those talents and skills in a professional work environment.
For example, if an individual is pedantic or overly concerned with details we may show them how they can use that characteristic that also includes strong pattern recognition and a keen ability to spot deviances in data and system interfaces as a quality control engineer/tester.
You should see the transformation and look in everyone’s eyes when they discover what was previously thought to be a disabling disadvantage becomes a significant advantage towards a real career.
Confidence builds, creativity explodes and desire to do more becomes very evident.
And a new Extraordinary All-Star is born.