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Diversity and Inclusion - We Are a Team of Everyone
We Are a Team of Everyone
At xStellar diversity and inclusion go beyond our hiring practices and are ingrained in our culture as an organization founded on the principle that everyone should be treated equally. This includes creating work environments that are absent of glass ceilings, discrimination, harassment, disrespect, bullying, office politics and any form of exclusion. We are a team working together to create an enriching environment that is inclusive, comfortable, safe and empowering for everyone.
This also means everyone is expected to produce exceptional results. Our program design provides real opportunities and support to individuals with disabilities but not lower expectations. If we expect less, we would get less which does not set people up for success. Expecting the same performance from everyone, regardless of personal difficulties, is a form of respect and confidence in their abilities.
Alleged Individuals with Autism
Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Thomas Jefferson, Socrates, Sir Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Mozart and very likely people you have worked with but never knew.