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Looking for a new job call 888-978-3557 (888-xStellr) or 703-230-0100. For business inquiries please email us at info@xStellarCorp.com and see how this program can be brought to your organization.
About xStellar
Washington DC Dome of Capital xStellar is a national veteran owned corporation located in the Washington DC metro area entirely dedicated to helping adults with autism, learning disabilities, and other cognitive impairments build meaningful careers in IT, direct production support and office administration. No other organization has a team with the same level of industry contracting and employment rehabilitation experience and a complete understanding of what it takes to help adults with disabilities succeed in the workforce.

We do one thing and do it very well, the Ability2Work Program. This program changes the lives of individuals with disabilities by giving them the support they need to succeed while delivering superb results to an organization.

With our team’s long mission-driven background in Federal, DoD and civilian sectors, xStellar’s approach to empowering individuals with disabilities takes on a very unique direction. Rather than emphasizing traditional accommodations, we concentrate on the strengths each individual brings to the workplace.
xStellar works with individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities but possess the skills and abilities that are highly desired in the workplace. Individuals with disabilities innovate constantly as they find different ways to accomplish common tasks. Such out-of-the-box thinking skills translate into original and creative solutions and bring an entirely new level of problem solving. Other valuable traits frequently seen in people with disabilities include a strong work ethic, powerful dedication, and an intense desire to improve and learn to make them the ideal member of any team.
This is why, here at xStellar, we believe adults with disabilities make the best employees and have dedicated the entire company so they have the opportunity and support to be able to prove what they can do.