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Looking for a new job call 888-978-3557 (888-xStellr) or 703-230-0100. For business inquiries please email us at info@xStellarCorp.com and see how this program can be brought to your organization.
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Happy Thumbs Up Working here at xStellar is more than a job, it is a journey supporting our customers with cutting edge solutions and making the world a better place for everyone. It is an incredible feeling, knowing at the end of the day you made a difference. Join our team and you will see the life that changes the most will be yours.

Our program ensures everyone is treated equally with respect and opportunities at the ready. This also means expectations are the same for all.

We have created a national career database designed to help individuals with difficulties find meaningful careers, not just jobs or internships. All jobs identified within the Ability2Work Program are the same type of jobs as for everyone else, at the same pay and with the same career potential. Here at xStellar we focus on your potential and place you on a long-term path towards success. Everyone has potential, everyone can succeed, and everyone should be given the opportunity to prove what they can do.

Joining and take full advantage of our program is free. You get paid competitive wages and we provide the training, support and guidance you need. The only thing we ask of you is to learn, work hard and prove yourself which is the same we ask of all xStellar employees.
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If you do not have a disability, we will not hold it against you. You still might have potential. We do not discriminate. We are also looking for experienced professionals in various fields to be part of our team.